About Me

Tom Trumble picTom Trumble is a freelance journalist, copywriter and the author of three books, Unholy PilgrimsRescue at 2100 Hours and Tomorrow We Escape. All three books were published by Penguin. Tom has spoken widely on military history and writing to a variety of groups, including: Rotary Clubs; RSLs; Secondary Schools; Probus Clubs; Writers’ Festivals; and Museums.

If you would like to engage Tom’s services as a public speaker, a panellist for a writers’ festival or a guest lecturer, please contact him at tom.trumble@gmail.com




§ 5 Responses to About Me

  • Edwina says:

    Lovely pic Tom! Reminds me of that (little) walk I just finished…. ahhh, wish I was traipsing through the Spanish poppy fields right now. Melbourne is hidden in a scary cloud of fog, and my suntan is already fading. Look forward to catching up when you return. i’m with you on John Travolta, a very poor choice by the flying kangaroo.
    Cheers, Edwina

  • Beth Hilton-Thorp says:

    Great photo – showing definite determination. Any half way decent employer with a real job could not possibly fail to offer it to you.
    Beth H-T.

  • Liz G S says:

    Love your hat 🙂 Glad to be able to keep up with your travels! xo Liz

  • Adam Wulff says:

    Amusing ‘About Me’, great blog, hope you’re well, regards Wulffy!

  • Lynne Lawton says:

    Thoroughly enoyed your book. Good information in between the drinking and smoking !! Very envious of your achievement. I did a tiny portion of the Camino del Norte and loved it. Hope you find what your are looking for. Cheers Lynne Lawton

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